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Many times, when people become medicare eligible, they have alot of questions, 
but what they really need - is a trained Broker, to go over their options with them.

We're looking for seasoned Brokers to Join Our Team, but also accept new Agents
that's looking to find a 'agency home' for mentorship, while starting their business.

Our Agency focuses on Medicare Certified Brokers, however we will still accept the
application of persons aspiring to acheive the certifications or excels in other areas.

Sometimes being a good-company
just isn't good enough,

and often times the difference between
a good company and a Great One
is their Customer Service
Helping Clients Build &  Maintain
a 'Portifolio of Coverage'
       We Provide Access To Options

Everyday, somebody is turning 65, or retiring from a job, 
they need help finding a Plan, and that's where we come in...
We  Help  Agents  Succeed
Protecting What Matter Most
Life,  Health  and Finances

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