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Are you just starting in the industry..
Are you struggling in your practice..
We may have the
  'perfect solution'
you could even win a paid vacation.
Medicare Supplements  |   Medicare Advantage  |   Prescription Drugs
We provide the community with a resource to contact insurance professionals
and ask their questions about many different types of Health & Life insurance.
We provide insurance Brokers with a platform to connect with the consumers
who wants information about coverage or needs some enrollment assistance.

We offer a brick & mortar front office presence and back-office administration, consumer-facing websites, CRM System and Free Lead Program, performance
bonuses, investments stocks and our top performers can win a resort-vacation.

 Contracting with Our Agency - is strategic-decision to help advance your career.
Helping Community Members
Enroll into Medicare Insurance
Mon-Fri 10-6  |   Sat 10-2
non-captive position
must complete AHIP 

 Active  Health  License
 2-3  carrier minimum
1 yr (min experience)
   (directly engaging pubic)
Top Performers:  Win Paid Vacations
Sales  Center

Fax/email (in & outgoing
Brochures, applications
Broker Portal Log-in
Broker Meeting Area
Contact Mgt systm
Internal Messaging
Internal Webmail
Tasks - Reminders
Website Marketing


A great way to get in-front of hundreds of
potential customers is by participating in a
retail program, especially around holidays.

If you're interested in full-time or part-time
We have stores available, But don't delay
Give us a call.. Let's discuss the details.


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